Is your child experiencing problems with studies at high school?
Do you want your child to improve their grades by 30% or more?
Do you want your child to have increased motivation when it comes to studies?
The Study Skills Program is driven by this simple logic ‘Before learning anything, you need to learn how to learn.’

Developed by a university teacher, the Study Skills Program teaches learning strategies that are simple, easy to understand and to apply. These strategies will help your child to break down the study process into smaller and manageable chunks.

So far hundreds of students from top Sydney public and private schools such as Knox, Barker and Sydney Grammar have attended and benefited from this program.

“I am glad to inform you that I have moved up 17 places in my year and have made a significant improvement. Some subjects need a little more attention however; this shows how effective your course was. Thank you for all the help.” - Year 9 student, Sydney Grammar School.
What life skills do students learn on this course?
Besides learning study techniques, young adults also learn life-skills such as self-discipline, goal setting, time management, respect towards elders and the need for a positive attitude.
It has helped me because before I did the course I didn't really know how to study, also I didn't want to study. But now I know how to study and I want to study. - Year 7 student, Golston High, Sydney.
Why is the Study Skills Program unique?
Through this course high school students acquire practical study skills that work and deliver results.

These skills will boost their confidence, self esteem and academic grades. It will help students to become an independent learner.

Learning how to study is a transferable skill; it will be needed again when attending TAFE or university in the future.
Why does this program work and consistently achieve good results?
The Study Skills Program works for many reasons:

Frequently, social pressures contribute to the building of barriers between students, parents and teachers.

The Presenter is not the students' parent or school teacher, which encourages students to listen and through listening they start to learn.

Every student who attends this course is treated with respect. Students are not judged on their right or wrong answers.

Instead, they are encouraged to participate and share their thoughts and experiences. This way they lose the fear of learning. In this new environment learning becomes enjoyable and takes on a totally new dimension.

Key benefits from attending this course:

  • It helps students to become an independent learner
  • It increase their self-confidence and self-esteem
  • It teaches them better time management
  • It empowers them with skills and techniques they need to excel in the academic world
  • It helps students to clearly see the link between Schooling > Education > Career > Life

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Before you decide to learn anything, you need to learn how to learn.
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