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Listening Skills

Listening is one of the most important skills needed for learning, yet it is inadequately practiced.
In this module, students learn the difference between active and passive listening. They also practice listening for important information.
The benefits of listening skills go well beyond the classroom walls.
Listening skills helps students build better relationships with their peers, and prepares them to become better communicators in their future work place.

Memory Skills

Memory, when used effectively, allows us to register, retain and recall information easily. Students also learn about different learning styles. In the process they identify and adopt a style most suited to their individual personality.

This program encourages students to find creative ways of committing information to memory, so they can effectively recall what is needed during exams.

Success Strategies

Successful students have always been good at taking notes.

Teachers cover a lot of information during a lesson. Good note-taking skills ensure that students know how to identify and capture key information.
In this module, students learn how to take notes, how to use abbreviations, how to organise new information effectively.

Time Management skills

Successfull students are well organised and have good time management skills.

In this module, students learn how to work with a timetable, how to correctly set goals, how to negotiate both study and leisure time and how to block distractions when studying.

Time management is a life skill. When used effectively; it empowers students to take control of their time.

Exam strategy

Most students experience some form of exam anxiety.

This module teaches students how to manage their study time effectively, how to prepare for the exams, and how to remain calm. It is important for students to identify and learn how to manage exam stress, so that they can perform at their best.

Master Summary skills

Without Master Summaries students are constantly faced with huge volumes of information. This can overwhelm, often de-motivateing students, especially before exams. In this module, students learn how to create Master Summaries and how to use them effectively throughout the year.

Students are encouraged to experiment using different formats and then compare their summaries with those of other students. This allows them to learn by sharing new ideas.